Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mission SEVENTY - Day 40 updates

40 days ago I had made a plan to reduce weight to 70 kgs from present weight fo 88 kgs. It is time for some review in progress. First the outputs. As measured on 30th July 2009, weight has not reduced at all and it is still 88 kgs. No applauds please !!! The only halo of hope is that wieght has stopped increasing. I am being too optimistic now.

Well, when outputs do not come as expected and there's not much to talk about, you start talking about inputs. As decided in the plan, there were 5 major things to do for this weight reduction
(1) avoid direct fats
(2) avoid fatty dishes
(3) start yoga
(4) run
(5) measure progress

Progress has been measured and hence point 5 is ticked. Though the plan of buying a weighing machine is postponed till the day i start losing. Point 1 has been religiously followed and usage of butter on bread or ghee on rotis has been completely stopped. Determination is strong and hopefully should be able to continue with it. Point no 1 ticked.

Point 2 about fatty foods has seen a considerable progress. Sweet dishes have been completely avoided even during parties. Desserts are no longer part of meals. Three exceptions were taken one on bhaiya's b'day (one piece of rasgulla), on on bhabhi's b'day (one piece of rasgulla) and one on rakshabandhan (one piece of rasgulla). Also it was ensured that the least fatty sweet is taken though sugar content was high. Going forward, sweets even on festivals are to be avoided. Usage of sugar in dahi and home made dishes like sewai and kheer have been consumed (cooked in saffola). Pooris and parathas have been avoided completely barring one day of rakhi. To summaries , mithai is ticked, fried stuff is ticked. Thogh I can't call this as "green" , i can call it an "amber" on point 2.

Point 3 of yoga had a decent start, but the moemntum died down in a week. They key challenge was that in the days of travel, ic ould not find time for youga and the chain broke. Need to make it a part of the time table in the evening as morning seems quite unfeasible to practise. Present a Red on Yoga.

Point 4 of running is the biggest blot on the plan. No running has been done and I have also missed on the nomination in the Marathon. I am unable to get a clarity on how to get this built into a hbit daily. Will attempt to do running at least on the weekends to break ice and would then target to strat daily running. Important to register progress in the next fifteen days. A big Red on scorecard presently.

So overall the performance on the inputs is

1) avoid direct fats - Green
(2) avoid fatty dishes - Amber
(3) start yoga - Red
(4) run - Red
(5) measure progress - Green (because progress was measured and not because of what the measurement showed.)

Though I had decided that nothing except the weighing machine shall be seen as measurement of progress, still it is difficult to ignore the comments which come. A couple of people have remarked that they are noticing a visible change in my size and feel that at least the tummy has come down a bit. Though subjective and not to be recorded officially, there is no harm in using this as a motivation for further plans.

Key challenges -

1. Do not lose the motivation as it is a long term plan and progress will take time to show up.
2. Keep posting update on blog as making things public increases self-accountability.
3. Keep up the good work on dietary control.

All the best fatso :)