Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shanghai Trip Day 5 - shopping and cooking

Gladly, I decided to go to office today. Though I woke up late, and I had to go alone, I still managed to catch the office bus in time. It is weird talking to the cab drivers as I don't even say the name of my destination. All I do is show them the name of the destination printed in chinese to the cab driver and then pray that he does not misread the script. The technique has been working till now. Office was peaceful today. My project seems to get finalized and I should be working on it from tomorrow. Going alone in the morning raised my self-confidence and I came back from office alone too. I got off at the Grand Gateway where there are huge malls on all sides of the road. I clicked a few pics of the happening place. The malls were full of all the products. There were huge glowsigns and the most attractive thing was this huge Globe that kept chaning lights and makes the whole aura look really techno-fabulous. I started searching for all the IT stuff I had planned to buy - an i-phone, a video-ipod, a cheap gsm phone and a local sim, and some camera accessories. I somehow did not enter the right place for shopping because all the rates that were quoted were higher than those in India and the shopkeepers were ready to bargain. I bought a Canon camera bag and a lens cover for 200 RMB (about Rs. 1400/-) and felt that I paid more than required. I then kept surveying the market and realized that I was not good at bargain and was definietly being cheated. I decided not to biuy anything.

Took a taxi and came back to my apartment. Before getting in, I hopped in to the nearby Tesco supermarket to buy some rice, apples and a notebook. Cam back, called up mummy to ask how is rice prepared. It is very simple acutally. Made some rice and aaloo matar (thanks ti ITC ashirvaad ready to eat) As there was not much cooking involved, I indulged myself into the aesthetics of serving. Have a look.

The rice was little more than required and so kept the leftover in fridge hoping that it will be edible tomorrow. The taste of the ready to eat Aloo Matar did not quite match expectations and I had to use some chaat masala to make it likeable. All the tips given by Mritunjay are coming to the rescue now. Had a belly-full dinner and am feeling very sleepy.

Buying the camera accessories and the bag is making me feel very good and also that I came back alone. Maybe this weekend I shall go to see the Bund. I shall get some good pics there of the amzing architecture of modern Shanghai. I also need to finsih my shopping soon. Hopefully I should by the sim and the phone tomorrow, for sure.

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