Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My top ten food choices

Out of my hobby of 'Scouting for local delicacies', from among a list of about 70 items (based on first recall), here is the list of my top ten favourite dishes at various places in India. My ratings (out of 10) are shown in [ ]

  1. Jalebi-dahi at MT, IITK (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh) [9.2]
  2. Poori-aloo sabzi-suji halwa breakfast at Haveli (Jallandhar, Punjab) [9.2]
  3. Vada Pao at any local train station (Mumbai, Maharashtra) [9.1]
  4. Kebabs at the floating shikara restaurants in Dal Lake (Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir) [9.1]
  5. Murthal ke Parathe at Gulshan da Dhaba (Murthal, Haryana) [9.0]
  6. Rajasthani Thali at Chokhi Dhaani (Jaipur, Rajasthan) [8.9]
  7. Mutton Curry with Appam at some restaurant (can't recall name) (Kochi, Kerela) [8.9]
  8. Kadha Prasad (rich suji halwa) at Golden Temple (Amritsar, Punjab) [8.9]
  9. Desi chicken at some local dhaba enroute Patni Top (Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir) [8.9]
  10. Aloo Paratha with dahi at Gyan da Dhaba (Ludhiana, Punjab) [8.9]
In addition to these ten items there are other 60 also in the list which I have rated on my personal liking. Am feeling the urge to mention at least the next ten in the list as well.

    11.  Kheer/Phirni at Bhrawan da Dhaba (Amritsar, Punjab) [8.8]
    12.  Dal ke pakode at Lakhanpur Border (Jammu-Pathankot highway, Punjab-J&K) [8.7]
    13.  Kulche at the roadside shop opposite Hotel Mohan International (Amritsar, Punjab) [8.7
    14.  Kebabs at The Kebab Factory, Park Plaza (Gurgaon, Haryana) [8.6]
    15.  Bedami poori with aloo ki sabzi at a street corner shop opposite 11/22, Old Rajendra Nagar (New       
           Delhi) [8.5]
    16. Mutton Yakhni at some restaurant, name not recalled (Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir) [8.5]
    17. Masala Dosa and Filter Coffee at Coffee House, Ram Mandir (Bokaro, Jharkhand) [8.5]
    18. Chikoo Shake at Popular Juice Corner, Old Rajendra Nagar (New Delhi) [8.4]
    19. Gupchup at Sector-5 Hatiya (Bokaro, Jharkhand) [8.4]
    20. Dal Chawal Butter Mix at Hall 4 Canteen, IITK (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh) [8.3]

In the entire list, there are some more common entries like the Kesar da Dhaba of Amritsar, Roshan di Kulfi of Karol Bagh, the Art of Spices (Chicken roll) in Old Rajendra Nagar, the Litti Chokha of Sector 4 Bokaro and many more. They, however, do not top my list. The ratings are completely personal and hardly scientific. 

If I was to choose a "dream menu" I would definitely choose from the items mentioned above. The scouting, will, nevertheless continue and any more local delicacies tasted shall find an entry into my list if they deserve it. 
I shall enjoy eating in the meantime... :)

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