Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jim Corbett National Park - Day 1 - getting there

After the chai-paani incident at the international airport, I was struggling at the domestic airport to spend the entire night. My flight to delhi was at 6 am and that meant that till 5 am there was nothing to do. With a plate of wada-paav followed by another plate of chicken sandwich, i crossed midnight. Finally the clock hit 5 am and I went for the check-in. But my wlecome to India was not yet done. The Indian Airlines proudly announced the cancellation of its 6 am flight and before I could blink my eyebrows in disgust or disdain, I was shifted to the 7 am flight. i spent the hour clicking random pics.
The flight finally took off 30 minutes late and landed 40 minutes late at Delhi. I was getting used to India now. Right from the IGI airport Delhi, I left for Corbett on an innova. It took us a long hour to come out of delhi and after entering UP, the hours became longer. Road travel in UP is not like the road travel that I am used to. Most of my road travel has been in Punjab which can boast of one of the best roads in India and Punjab Roadways appears to be an efficient group. Other of my road travel happens in Himachal and Jammu-Kashmir which is always made enjoyable by the scenic beauties around. But UP neither has scenic beauty nor are the roads so good. Whatever beauty is there, only comes in the forms of the views of the villages that come in the way, but not inviting enough for a click. We entered Uttarnchal through Moradabad and passing Kashipur and Ramnagar, we reached our destination after a six hour long drive.

Manu Maharani Resorts is not the best hotel property in Corbett but it is a decent enough place to live for a normal budget. My team had already reached the place with their families in the morning and were practically bored of doing nothing for the entire day. The evening, though, saw some action with the DJ and drinks. It is always fun to have the families of field sales people get together. The evening kept getting warmer warmer with every dance step. A few snaps...

The night was cold and had it not for the room heater, it would have been tough to sleep. Need to get up early tomorrow morning to go the jungle safari. Let's see if we some tigers. :)

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