Friday, November 14, 2008

Shanghai Trip Day 20 - Sorry can't stay longer

It was good to hear from my boss that she expected me to stay longer in Shanghai as she feels I have not had enough exposure to Chinese Marketing. Well, nice to know of the offer, but I really couldn't extend my stay. I am supposed to be back in India on 22nd November and that is non-negotiable. But, I felt humbled at the offer. The team here has been quite receptive of me and has taken all care to make my stay comfortable.

They took note of the fact any food served to me did not have beef and also that forks were also provided to me along with chopsticks. They gave me tips on where to go for sight seeing and how to communicate with a taxi driver. It has been fun being with the Chinese counterparts of our company. But hello !!! why am I sounding like farewell. There is still one more week and the weekend is there too. I am supposed to meet some Chinese consumers tomorrow and in doing that I shall also be moving around in Shanghai. So I should have some more pics to click tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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