Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shanghai Trip Day 25 - The final Chinese meal

Today is my second last day in Shanghai and I need to present my ppt tomorrow. Had made a draft yesterday and got some feedback. Spent the day working on it. But that's not important. What's important is that my tutor, Chiara along with her colleague Angie took me out for Lunch as my farewell. It was my last chance to have chinese food, because if left alone to make a choice, I would hop in to a Pizza hut or a McD. We went to a place called Chamate. "Cha" in chinese means tea. So similar. In India, it is called "chai". And then Angie tells me that she found it in some museum that it was actually China is the place of origin of tea and that is why all the names of tea are changed versions of either "Cha" (Mandarin or the common chinese) or Tei (southern chinese). While most of europe and americas have versions of Tei like Tea in English, asia mostly has versions of Cha.

Well, so here we were at Cha-mate. And we ordered a set meal where we could select the main dish and other things would follow. I ordered a chicken and tomato dish to be safe (about the taste). It was accompanied by rice, salad, peanuts and a sweet paste of minced pork. We also ordered some other foods like Shrimp dimsums (momo's) and fried Tofu (a vegetabel). The food tasted awesome and I ate like anything. Relished each bite. Great Experience. Thank you Chiara and Angie. I had a wonderful welcome dinner with Sichuan food where I learnt chopstics and got shocked by etaing afrog as well and then I close my stay at Shanghai with another well served Chinese meal.

The day was severly cold. I think the temperature has come down to about 10 and the wind makes it feel like it's already in single digits. Considering it's a cold day. I don't plan to do any shopping in the evening. Make myself the paneer butter masala-rice-haldiram aloo bhujia-mix served with sprite. I have come to know of an Indian Restuarnt here called Vedas which is closeby. I might want to have my last dinner there before I leave Shanghai.

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