Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shanghai Trip Day 16 - COLD monday

Frankly speaking it was nothing but an office day for me. I have had no serious progress on my project and all that I have been doing is browsing the internet and subscribing to more and more sites. First, tried buying a domain (which is still not operative), then i searched every possible detail on a roayl enfield thunderbird..and then on canon S5 IS...then to photography lessons and then to subscribing to online news...god !!! give me some work to do..or i will perish..

waeather like yesterday was very cold and windy... i did not carry a cap with me coz no one else did and I didn't want to look oddly stupid by being the only guy wearing a cap. But then i forgot, that everybody else has a very important thing on their head that I don't have..HAIR... i tell you..i have never felt so bald ever in my life as i felt tofay. When the cold wind blew past my head, I knew exactly which are the nerves of my head that were irked, now i know why people take so much care of their hair..so that when a cold wind blows it does not hit their scalp... nevertheless, struggling with the wind with my bald head becoming a vanilla scoop, i went to TESCO and bought food as if I am settling down in Shanghai. There were 10 cans of soft-drinks, four cakes, 1/2 kg rice, washing powder, biscuits, apples, bananas,breads... And as if I was still not done, I went to the McD and bought two large burgers and a pack of french fries..

Oh hell !!! I ate like a monster...and then am off to bed watching some silly romantic flick called Miss Potter... I don't think I am going to office tomorrow...

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