Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shanghai Trip Day 8 - No title for today

Woke up royally late at around 2 pm. Thought I will go and check out the Fuxing park. But it was raining and then I was feeling really tired. I thought, I would complete the blogs for yesterday, which took really long and ate up almost the entire day. So I decided not to go out. Did a little reading for my project here. Watched a think three..wait..may be four movies..on Star and HBO. When i was completely bored, I picked up my mobile to call up home but it had run out of the talktime. So I hurried to the shop before it was late. I got a recharge for 100 rmb.

Then i spotted the Pizza hut. As I had not eaten anything the whole day and the only option was to eat the leftover noodles of yesterday or cook afresh, I decided to go to the Pizza hut. And then right at the door of the Pizza hut, something strange happened. A young girl, may be in her twenties, and looking very disturbed approached me and spoke something in chinese. She soon realized that I was a foreigner and said in English that she was a stranger in the town and came here looking for a joba and she doesn't have money to have any food. So she asked me if I could buy her some bread. I didn't know what to do. She was no beggar and I couldn't shoo her away. I took out a twenty Yuan note (calculating in mhy mind that she should get a burger in McD in this and more...) and handed out to her. She was embarassed. She probably didn't want money. Then she asked me if I spoke Chinese and could help her some more. I somehow got scared. It was a lonely place and I was in a foreign land. God knows, what that girl wanted. I just said a sorry and walked by telling her that right at the next junction is a McDonald's where she can find food. I just wished she understood me.

I came in the Pizza hut. Ordered a chicken pizza after doubly ensuring that it will not have any pork or beef. In beverages, I order a yoghurt drink, which tasted much like a lassi. I thought, "Why does Pizza hut not serve lassi in India?" Well, I could hardly take two pieces and I was done. Packed the rest of the stuff and came back. So now the fridge has one day old noodles and zero day old pizza. Let's see what written in their fate. Watched another movie on Star and am going to bed. Tomorrow I shall be visting some stores of Shanghai to understand the market here. Should be interesting.

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