Monday, November 17, 2008

Shanghai Trip Day 23 - I-pod nano

After about three weeks of shopping research at every place i could find, I finally bought the ipod today. Nano - 8 GB. It is the belated gift for rakhi to Gudia. It has been quite tricky buying it. The way rates get bargained and the way they fluctuate requires you to be smart to make the decision at the right time. When I had first inquired, it was worth 1200 rmb (keep dividing by 7 to convert in USD and multiplying by 7 to convert in rupees). A week later, I was able to get it down to 1050 rmb. today I was in mood to get it to 900 rmb.

The start was good. One guy said 1000, but did not come down even an inch. The next guy said 920 but i tried getting him down to 850. He denied. Finally I got someone at 930. Persuaded him for a 900. He asked me to buy a charger worth 190. Total 1120. I said I will give 1000 total. He came down to 1080. i stuck at 1000. he pleaded for 1060. Deal struck at 1050. I also bargained a screen cover for free. So I must have managed the ipod at around 900 rmb. Not a brilliant deal, but close to what people get at other places. A big shopping mission accomplished.

Three days to go. Finish the project report by tomorrow and present on Wednesday. Pack on thursday and off to India on friday. Time to write farewells, maybe.

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Sleepwalker said...

hahahahahaha ... nicely done